I’m getting assaulted by Comic Sans

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90% of Vegetable Varieties Gone Forever?


Playing favorites – we’re all doing it. On every level, from the farmers to the shoppers, Americans are becoming more and more selective about exactly which kind of cucumber, tomato, or lettuce they want. This chart from National Geographic is based on a study conducted in 1983 that demonstrated that 90% of the vegetable varieties that we ate one hundred years ago are now extinct. As a nation we’re relying on just “a handful of commercial varieties of fruits and vegetables.”

This is not good news. Whether you’re wearing your ecologist hat or your economist hat, you should be pretty concerned. In ecology this issue is referred to as loss of biodiversity, which basically means loss of variety of living things. Letting species go extinct is one way to deplete the natural variety of living things, or biodiversity of an ecosystem. Hint: We want to do the opposite!


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Thinking about buying this small painting.

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One just fixed my e-mail-remotely.

It took him 20 minutes.

That’s hours in human time.

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that we find the universal.

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Please remember that this is the time of year that dogs get heat stroke. Do not leave him in the car-even for a minute-even with the window open. If the heat doesn’t kill him, it can cause brain damage.

Where I live, the car seat can brand your bottom with the stitching pattern and you can get burned from your steering wheel. If you can’t take the dog in with you then leave him at home.

Be aware that breeds with flat faces, those who are ill and dogs with long fur are especially at risk. (And any dog can burn the pads of his feet on hot sidewalks or in parking lots.)

I am having my annual internal debate of whether or not to cut my dogs hair for summer. Many people are opposed to ever cutting a Coton’s hair. I have heard the argument that the fur is insulating and will never grow back the same.

But common sense tells me that wearing a fur coat when the heat index is 105 and the humidity is high is dangerous. I get hot just thinking about it. 🙂

Here are some of the symptoms of heat stroke in dogs:

Rapid, shallow panting

Red tongue


Rapid heart rate

Vomiting or diarrhea

Hose the dog off, throw him in the car and call the vet on the way. It is always an emergency. You cannot give your dog oxygen, I.V’s or monitor him at home.

It’s much better to have hawt dogs than hot dogs!

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OVERHEARD-Movie Theater

As we were exiting the movie UP:

Father to small boy, “What’s that in your hand?”

Boy to father, “Look! Squirrel!”

It’s only funny if you saw the movie. Then it’s really funny!

Check out the dog pack.

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