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There should be a pocket law.

Everything wearable needs one.

Even nightclothes.

You know, for phones, Kleenex, small animals,whatever…

My child had socks with a pocket to hide money in.

Damp money, but useful.

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“I was really taken by how genuine and pure they are. I’ve never met any group of people, in any walk of life, who are so true to themselves. It’s not about money, or fame, or how they are perceived by the public or the media — it’s all about the waves, and a love of the sport. I was also fascinated by the diverse personalities, about as radical a difference as you can find, and how a single purpose brought them all together.”

Katherine Clark ,El Granada Realtor and former owner of the Road House Cafe in Princeton Harbor, was speaking about surfers. She may as well have been speaking about people who work in open source.

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because he ate cookies for lunch.

Actually, a tiffen wallah would be his idea of a dream come true.

He loves my cooking, bless him.

If only he would carry the insulated bento box that I used to send to school in lue of cafeteria food…

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I’m just sayin’.

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Even your “happy place” is just another environment.

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You know who you are.

I appreciate your ascetic aesthetic. Truly.

Very Zen or “spa” or mid-century modern or whatever you guys are going for now.

What you call cluttered, I call cozy. Have you never heard of layering a room?

I know you think I have too many things but they are MY things.

What you think of as over-the-top, I call Venetian opulence. 🙂

You think my antiques are junk. They are heirlooms.

My collections are a mystery to you.

To you, my style is old-fashioned. To me it is a reminder of a gentler, more civilized time.

And then you started on the books. Can you have too many books? The Kindle is fine for travel or research but I can’t visit it like the old friends my books are. It does not work for art books and you can’t whisper to a friend that the naughty bit is on page 257. But you are winning. Kindles are even showing up at my Book Club.

Ironically, now you want me to read  The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential…in Business and in Life .

Hmmmm. I have to buy another book. Oh dear.

And I want you to read, oh, I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s the opposite of that book.

I know I have it here somewhere,

In one of these bookcases.

Somewhere- among these many, many books…

ADDENDUM-Actually, it was an awesome book, not at all what I expected.

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The Obama family chose a dog.

They are adopting a Portuguese water dog.

Adopting from where?

They are getting him in April but naming him now.

Wait until you get him home, First Family.

He will tell you his name.

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Now the New Year’s resolutions have morphed into the Lent resolutions. Oh well, life’s a journey.

Lent has always been a mindful, reflective time for me. A bit of a retreat.

I feel bereft when the holy water is removed from the church. It makes me think of “going to the desert” which I guess was the Biblical equivalent of “going to the mattresses”. It puts me in a certain frame of mind and I start thinking of the Waters of Life and why Easter, not Christmas is our most important Holy Day.

Clearly, this year I am going to have to be a little more creative than just giving up chocolate and meat on Friday.

I am putting aside my lighter reading for now and revisiting the Bible. This is a bit of a sacrifice as I am a voracious reader.

I am being serious about my Gratitude Journal. That means no more, “I’m grateful that this day is over.” (Which I still think is funny.)

I always count my blessings at night but I am putting a little sticker in my car to remind me to count them in traffic, as well.

I will try to go to the Stations of the Cross.

I will do my due diligence to make sure that my charity money is not being squandered. Here are some links to help with that:

Charity Navigator

BBB Wise Giving Alliance

American Institute of Philanthropy

I will try to find creative ways of giving that do not cost any money such as Boost.

I will try to be kinder and more thoughtful.

Lent doesn’t have to only be about depriving ourselves or giving things up.  It can also be about adding something to our lives. We could add a healthy habit, contribute to something in the community, volunteer, make a commitment that will benefit ourselves and/or others even after Easter.

We could each make a small difference where we are. Just think how it will all add up!

I think of it like throwing wildflower seeds out of the window of a car.

It will take awhile.

But soon you will see something wonderful!

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for the rodeo.

So, although it was 80 degrees today, we are in for one more cold front.

Usually with freezing rain.

It happens every year.

Welcome, y’all!

And you thought New York City was tough on it’s out-of-towners…

UPDATE– We got a norther (33 degrees) but no freezing rain.

I think this is a first.

Global warming?

ADDENDUM-Even more incredible-we had temperatures in the thirties in April! Not in my memory has this ever happened and I’m as old as dirt.

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