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We are breaking up. It’s not you, it’s me.

I haven’t yet read the hundred greatest books ever written. (Oh! Another list!)

The Economist and several other magazines take me much longer to read than they used to.

I need to return some calls.

Still only speak one language.

Research to be done in my quest for specific products that don’t seem to exist.

Which means I may have to invent something. (Another list!)

Can no longer multi-task. ( As I rip out these stitches.)

Well, lets make it a soft break-up.

You promise to make an effort to improve. I promise to visit whenever I need to visit LowestCommonDenominatorLand.

Or there is a dog to be brushed or silver to be polished.

Or Eastenders is on.

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I am so passionate about blogs and I believe so much in the potential of blogging that I wasn’t sure I would be able to accurately articulate what I really wanted to say. I worried about sounding silly or naive. Well-no guts, no glory. Here goes:

Each of us has a voice but sometimes that voice is just a whisper. Blogging amplifies.

Think of a world of citizen-journalists. Think of everyone communicating and connecting. We begin to understand each other. Our commonalities will eliminate xenophobia. What divides us becomes less important than what connects us. We become more humanistic.

Suddenly the world becomes a much smaller place.

Think of a moment of bravery. A click of a cell phone camera. Posting from that phone to a blog. A matter of seconds, a deep breath. Your identity is shielded. It’s like having secret super powers. You are not exposed but because of you, and others like you, there will be no more iron curtains, bamboo curtains and barbed-wire borders. Hell, there won’t be any more glass ceilings.

The world becomes a much safer place.

Blogging is a conversation. People find each other and form groups and communities. These begin to overlap. We begin to think globally. Differences dissolve. Bloggers form social networks. Lost friends and even families are reconnected. You realize that you are not alone. There are other people like you out there. There are lots of people like you out there! You find your peers, your tribe.

The world becomes a friendlier place.

We should spend our money on spreading the internet instead of spreading war. The most remote village should have internet connection, a computer and a way to communicate with the outside world. This should be the new gathering place, the new lodge or campfire. The whole village should be invested and understand what it represents. Information is power. Knowledge is empowering. Words are so very powerful. The more wired we are, the less isolated people are. We can begin to stop genocide, suicide, poaching, hacking of rain forests, polluting, slave traders, the exploitation of children.

The world becomes more aware, less political and more proactive. We begin to heal.

It costs nothing to set up a WordPress blog. It takes just a few minutes. You can choose to be anonymous. You can create a whole new persona. Or you can actually become the person that you always wanted to be.

You can do a wiki to run a business or to connect people, supplies and first responders during a disaster. We saw this during the 2004 tsunami.

Or you can simply reach out with your words. Words can be weapons. We all remember a negative comment from our childhood that has stayed with us forever since.

But words can also be weapons in a warrior/angel kind of way. They can fight city hall. They can call attention to corruption or government waste. They can hold people accountable for their actions.

Words can soothe a child. Words can heal a broken heart. But they are a double edged sword.

You have a choice to add to the noise and chaos or you can hack away at the ugliness and lies. With blogging you have the ability to reach the truth that shines at the heart of every thing. Try transparency. Throw open the windows and doors and illuminate the dark corners. Be a positive force for change in this world. Hurry! We don’t have much time and there is so much to do.

Be brave. Begin to blog.

The world is waiting.

ADDENDUM- To learn more about blogging anonymously go to Global Voices.

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I got this idea from a little friend of mine who blogs with the best of them. Of course, she had her list be links. I don’t know how to do that yet. (Hey, it’s a process!) I was just thinking about making a whole page of lists that I would update on a regular basis. Which I will learn how to do soon-along with adding pictures. So here is my first baby list:

Being a Mom

DH,DD and DS- you know who you are

Friends- old and new

Nice neighbors


GPS- wonderful invention that saves me from (literally) losing a child

Flowers- inside, outside, in the car



Pedicures- oh, the three P’s!



Collecting crosses

Open source


Cooking for people I love- and the people they love

Watching the water- fountains, waves, a water hazard…

Cars that look like they’re moving when they are standing still


Fur coats- OK, on puppies and kittens (nice save, huh?)

A bird in the breakfast room- cheerful way to start the day

Waking up to the smell of bacon and coffee

Mockingbirds singing to the moon at 3:00 am

Bluetooth- because I love it so much I call it my Boo-tooth



Blue ceilings

Cards- especially Valentine’s Day

Cut glass, prisms and leaded glass- cheerful and sparkly. Does not tarnish.

Long scarves


The orange WordPress logo


Playing cards

Beautiful boxes

A fire on a gray, dismal day

Books! Well, that leads me to another list!

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(which I believe uses WordPress) needs to have people monitoring Spellcheck around the clock.

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