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One of my dogs always gets carsick-usually between the console and the passenger seat. Last week she leaned way over and hit the coin holder. Big time. I only felt slightly guilty as I threw away about a dollar in change. Totally worth it.

My car is stocked with a big towel, paper towels, plastic bags and wash-ups. Why bother? Well, a dog has to be portable. And she is fine once we get to our destination, much better than the other one (who is an excellent traveler but not so great with people).

Ironically, I have a fancy double car seat (for dogs!) that takes up most of my back seat. So they can look out the window. Which is a really, really bad idea for a carsick dog. Trust me on this.

So this morning, as Little-Bit and I were leaving for a Starbucks run, my eye happened upon a cardboard box. Hmm, I thought, instead of holding cans this box could hold…whatever happens in the car.

I put the box in the passenger seat, the towel in the box and the dog on the towel and buckled her in. I drove slowly and went out of my way to avoid speed bumps and potholes. She settled down and propped her head on the edge of the box.

Starbucks. Bank. Dry cleaners. No excitement although she looked a little queasy.

For the first time EVER we made it all the way home without any “unpleasantness”.

A big red letter day for a little white dog!


All worn out…

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You cannot change another person. They have to do that for themselves.

You can only change how you react to them. Sometimes you have to react in a drastic manner.

So, it is important to distinguish between lonely people and toxic people:

Lonely people, well, you just have to guard your time.

Toxic people require you to guard your heart, your mind, your money and sometimes even your soul.

These people do not wish you well. Just. That. Simple. They do not wish the ones you love well. They do not care about the things you care about.

They are poison. Would you keep going back to a poisoned well just because you are thirsty? No. You have to remove yourself from the situation or remove them from your life.

Sound simple? It’s not. This person could be your oldest friend, your neighbor, your boss or even a relative.

I know I am always preaching about the Power of Words.

But in this case words are cheap. Filter out the words and focus on their behavior. Ignore what they promise to do or say that they already did. Just focus on what they actually do.

Learn to protect yourself.

Making this kind of change will be the hardest thing that you have ever done. You may feel sad or guilty or like there is a vacuum where that person and that situation used to be. You may feel like you are the one being punished.

Be strong.

When you remove the bad from your life you make room for something wonderful to take it’s place.

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