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“Where you get this polish? The Dollar Store?”

I think that I would have left…

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Customer-“My husband says I have buffalo hair.”

Stylist-“What happened?’

Customer-“I used to give myself home perms.”

Do they still make those?

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Everyone is talking about the WordPress site, Awkward Family Photos.

But all I could think of about this photo was, “What kind of dog is that?” What do you think?

BTW, the dog is the most interesting thing in this picture.

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I always say that Cotons de Tulears are not great guard dogs but they make wonderful watchdogs. Bebe has proved me wrong.

This is especially amazing when you consider her history. Before she came to us she was not treated well and, unlike most Cotons, is not social. She is afraid of men. She is a one-woman dog.

I was going to my garage (unlocked and not attached to the house) through my back garden (locked gates). It was the middle of the day. The dogs were behind me but are not allowed in the garage as Little-Bit always feels compelled to baptize the floor. Usually they just sit outside the door and wait for me.

Not this day! Bebe climbed over Little-Bit and scratched my sandaled feet in her haste to attack a closed door that leads to a small room in the corner of the garage. She was jumping as high as the doorknob and literally throwing herself at the door. She went what I call “Coton Crazy” and not in a good way. She sounded like a garage full of junk yard dogs.

I thought there might be a rat in the little room and beat a hasty retreat. Bebe would not come away from the door and I had to drag her out of the garage. Even then, she stayed between me and the garage- walking backwards, barking and growling until we were safely back in the house.

I made a mental note to call the exterminator and paid scant attention to the little dog who stationed herself by the back door. She was pacing and hyper-vigilant.

An hour or so later, the animals and I went out to do our “business” (my business was deadheading my roses) and I noticed that things were awry on the deck. Someone had been in the back yard. I think that someone was also in my garage.

The policeman told me that I should have listened to my dog. I agree.

I thought about putting a sign in my back window that says, “BEWARE OF BOA CONSTRICTOR”. That would stop me if I were a burglar. But perhaps my sign should say, “BEWARE OF BEBE”.

My 15 pound, white, not-so-young fluffball is all heart. She is also my hero.

ADDENDUM- I will be locking all my doors all the time from now on. And I will listen to my dog.

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img_0257on my velvet bedspread!



My Cotons live in a large, tiled area that is the size of my first apartment. They are allowed to come with us to the rest of the house -except for my bedroom. I just wanted one area that was an island of serenity and cleanliness. Fur-free, so to speak.

The problem started when I decided to take a nap. God forbid.

They whined and cried at the doggy gate and then decided to body slam the double doors into the dining room. Since they had done that before, there were rubber bands wrapped around the handles. “No hill for a stepper.” as Himself says. BAM! The doors slammed into the walls. Patter, patter, patter of happy little feet headed my way.

I sat up drowsily to see to fuzzy, white, bouncing balls trying to leap up onto my high bed. I jumped up yelling, “Sit! Stay!” but not before grabbing my cell to take pictures because they are just so darn cute. B.B., for the first time in her life, sat and stayed. She tilted her head and looked at me as if to say, “This is gonna be good.”

Little-Bit scratched my bedspread, circled and made a little nest for herself. It seemed as if she was laughing at me as I chased her around the room and she kept going back to her nest like it was home base.

Finally, I was able to catch her with her head stuck under the bed and her butt stuck up in the air. Her tail was wagging away like a plume of white feathers. She thought that if she couldn’t see me then I couldn’t see her.

The funny thing is that she used to be able to wiggle under that bed. Not any more…

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We remember all our “firsts”.

First bike. First car. First kiss. First concert. First day of camp.

Our parents remember our first steps, first words and first day of school.

A lot of our firsts are almost predictable. There’s an unofficial time table or we see them coming.

But what about the last time? That’s more unpredictable, sometimes heartrendingly so.

The last time you played Barbies or Legos or slept with your teddy.

The last time you went to the library or swimming with a parent.

The last walk you took with your father.

The last time you heard your mother laugh.

The last Thanksgiving with your grandmother.

This list will be different for everyone but the premise and poignancy are the same. We can’t know and it’s something we should be mindful of.

I don’t have any definitive answers but I think it’s about being grateful and appreciative (not exactly the same thing) and in the moment and not taking anything for granted. Because it can change in an instant-the blink of an eye.

I used to think the answer was to live each day as if it were my last and cramming as much into every day as possible. That just led to years of sleep deprivation. 🙂

One thing I know to be true-when I am gone the people I love will know they were loved. “I love you” will be my final words to them. How do I know?

Because it’s the last thing I say to them every single time.

Because you never know when it is the last time.

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I put it on the charger to see if that would work.

It lit up long enough to take this picture (how? why?) and then went black again.


If you are trying to reach me, I hope you have my other, UNLISTED number.

And if you know how to fix this mess, please call me on it FAST!

UPDATE- I am trying a restore from the computer. Very slow.

MUCH LATER– The phone is working but the trust is gone.

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I wasn’t going to write about this, but then I got outed by a friend in the comments.

Brief time line:

Crown came off molar

Palm Sunday- Tooth cracked-lengthwise.

Gets inflamed

Thursday- Dentist says tooth cannot be saved. Go to oral surgeon to get his opinion.

Good Friday- Oral surgery

Blur of pain, grossness, soft foods.

Wednesday- Solid food. Big mistake.

Thursday- Queasy, bruised and jaw feels fractured.

Tomorrow- Follow-up with surgeon.

So, Easter dinner was canceled at my house and baskets (which  I enjoy) did not get filled. It was all a bit depressing and I am looking forward to Mother’s Day and having my family around me again. I was very grateful that the surgeon was able to fit me in before the holiday weekend.

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Because they can.

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Mom, who works at Denny’s, treating two of her three adorable children to dinner and then Toys ‘R Us for a ten dollar game.

Waitress to mother, “Oh, I’ve never met Oldest Son. Who does he look like?”

Daughter pipes up, “He looks like TI. TI’s in locked up for a year and a day.”

Oh my.

Then the waitress asks where the other daughter is.

Mom, “She’s home with Grandpa. She wrote her entire name on the mini blinds with marker and lied about it. I told her if she was gonna lie – write somebody else’s name.”

After the waitress left, the son was telling his mother about his music teacher, “who’s an old lady with beautiful hair-like her.”

Pointing to me.

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