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Are you wondering whether making your own dog or cat food is worth it? Just look at the length of this list! Please note the premium brands that are on it and read more about the class action suit here.

This is serious and it makes me wonder what is still lurking in commercial foods. Remember, this industry is unregulated.

What our pets eat is something that we can manage in a world where so many other things seem beyond our control.

Information like this makes me renew my commitment to providing wholesome food for all our pets.

Anyone have any good cat food recipes?

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Customer-“My husband says I have buffalo hair.”

Stylist-“What happened?’

Customer-“I used to give myself home perms.”

Do they still make those?

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This is going to be an on-going project. What is your “pet” peeve? That is, peeves concerning pets.

I think we all know that I am the peeve princess! Sometimes, it seems like I don’t like anyone’s animals but my own. But, I don’t let it concern me. I used to feel the same way about children. ūüôā

My friend who doesn’t “do computers” wanted to be first. She hates it when people kiss their dogs on the mouth. I agree! People! Have you seen where those mouths have been?

Mine is the most obvious. I hate when people let their dogs run loose. Don’t they care what happens to them? Which leads me to my next peeve.

Dogs who go in my yard. If I see them coming, I tell the owner that I have just applied a chemical to my yard.

I watch these people through my window let their dogs (always huge) go through my grass into the garden, trampling the flowers and then scorching them with urine. Thanks guys and what is your address?  Let me just slip on my handy hazmat suit when I want to garden.

And don’t even get me started on cats in my garden!

Leave your pet peeves in the comments.

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I chose our veterinary clinic because it was AAHA certified. I wasn’t impressed with the facilities but the owner/vet seemed competent enough and he was supposed to be available at all times for emergencies. Not only was he not available when we needed him this weekend (See UPDATE), he NEVER RETURNED OUR CALL!

I don’t think that there is anything left to say. He promised a standard of care that was not there. I will not take that risk again. He’s history.

ADDENDUM I think Little-Bit is O.K., but I will be following up with our new vet.

ADDENDUM AGAIN- The vet and his staff called me numerous times on Monday and Tuesday.¬† Awkward. The excuse given was that the answering service had taken down my number incorrectly. Don’t most answering services have caller ID? I am not changing my mind. Choosing a new vet is never easy, though…

HAPPY ENDINGWell, the answering service sent a transcript of their recording and they had written my number incorrectly as well as my name. I also received an written apology from the operator who had made the error. So I have rescheduled Black Cat’s check-up for this week and we will continue with this practice. Let you know how that goes.

WELL, NOT SO MUCH- Black Cat got carsick in every possible way on the short drive over and then almost escaped. They made me sign something agreeing to pay $25.00 if I cancel an appointment. Then we spent over $300 for a yearly checkup for a healthy cat. We were there almost two hours but part of that was B.C.’s fault as they had to clean her up. I’m sure, if I look closely at my itemized bill, that I was charged for that.

Himself met the vet and didn’t like him either. We really can’t put our finger on why that is. Something about his demeanor.

I don’t see this relationship working out long term, do you?

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I wasn’t going to write about this, but then I got outed by a friend in the comments.

Brief time line:

Crown came off molar

Palm Sunday- Tooth cracked-lengthwise.

Gets inflamed

Thursday- Dentist says tooth cannot be saved. Go to oral surgeon to get his opinion.

Good Friday- Oral surgery

Blur of pain, grossness, soft foods.

Wednesday- Solid food. Big mistake.

Thursday- Queasy, bruised and jaw feels fractured.

Tomorrow- Follow-up with surgeon.

So, Easter dinner was canceled at my house and baskets (which¬† I enjoy) did not get filled. It was all a bit depressing and I am looking forward to Mother’s Day and having my family around me again. I was very grateful that the surgeon was able to fit me in before the holiday weekend.

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It would save a lot of  aggravation.

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Little-Bit, Bebe

I was sitting on the porch swing with the dogs, swinging gently to and fro, enjoying the garden and the beautiful day.

Little-Bit, who has been doing so well, got “car” sick as soon as I put her down.

That led to one of their other favorite activities- grazing the winter grass like two little fat, white sheep.

Which, of course, resulted in dirty faces.

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Best. Dog. Movie. Ever.

I want this puppy for my screen saver.


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I will never again wear pantyhose unless it is in the dead of winter in an unheated castle to prevent chilblains.

Not to a fancy restaurant or a wedding or a funeral-not even my own.

If the colored tights trend continues, I’ll simply dye my legs from the knees down. Think of the money I will save!

When Southern women hit 50, we can make our own damn rules!

’nuff said…

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Deviled eggs                 Assorted olives                      Slab of Gouda                Shrimp

Stuffed celery                Gherkins                                 Crackers


Three mushroom soup-Dinner


Ambrosia in orange cups

Spinach salad-Dinner




Carrot coins-ginger,honey


New potatoes-rosemary


Quiche-(for vegetarian) surrounded by tiny tomatoes, parsley

Lamb chops with mint jelly

Ham-cloves, pineapple-Dinner


Birds nest cupcakes

Jordan almonds


Iced tea



It’s all about the leftovers. Next organize shopping. Leaf in table? Set out serving dishes. Polish silver. TIny bird nests/placecards. Flowers. Dye eggs :), Guest room. Bathe dogs…

ADDENDUM-In the interest of full disclosure, we didn’t have Easter at my house this year due to dental drama.

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