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OVERHEARD-Teacher’s Credit Union

Woman-“I’d like to cash this check please.”

Teller-“Do you have an account at this bank?”

Woman-“No, but this check is written on one of your accounts.”

Teller-“I need your driver’s license. This is gonna take awhile.”

Woman-“And why is that?”

Teller-“Because you don’t have an account at this bank.”

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My dog food recipes are rather like a Chinese menu-one from column A, two from column B and so on. I focus on what is in season, what is on sale and the percentages for each category that I have decided on.


Boneless, skinless chicken breast or

Turkey or


This is usually poached in salt-free chicken stock, removed and shredded.

I reserve the liquid for the:

VEGETABLES, FRUITS, BERRIES-30% any or all of the below:



Green beans (B.B. used to pick these out but now I saute them in olive oil to make them a little mushier and she doesn’t even notice.)

Green peas






Broccoli tops


STARCH-30%-any or all of the below

White rice

Sweet potatoes





Don’t cook anything longer than you need to.

I use the reserve stock to cook everything. If I have any left over, I freeze it for next time.

Mush it all together.

I might add olive oil and/or molasses before I freeze the food.


After I defrost the frozen food to, I may add some Belgian yogurt, cottage cheese or Eggland eggs to the mix before I feed them.

ADDENDUM- They do get supplements. Everyday they get salmon oil, vitamins, and Kraft cheese with Angel Eyes hidden inside. (The Angel Eyes goes in cheese rather than their food so that I know each gets the correct dosage.

For training (the never ending story) I use the Kraft, home made meatballs, or chicken chews.

For chewing (I think their teeth must grow like rabbits.) I use bully sticks ( Don’t ask. It is SO gross!) and dental chews from the vet. I will leave a p-nut butter Kong but they are messy to clean. We do not use Greenies because of articles like this.

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This is not like A NEW DAY FOR ME. Really, what do my dogs have to worry about? (Except getting caught.)

This is about making the dog’s food, something I have referred to before.

Coton de Tulears are a rare breed and not a lot is known about their diet.

First, I followed what their breeders recommended. I wasn’t happy. Their coats were dry. Bebe couldn’t seem to keep weight on and Little-Bit was always scratching, chewing on her paw, burping and spitting up.

The research began. I added an egg once a week and salmon and olive oils. They seemed to do better with dry foods that had fish, chicken, venison or lamb. Also commercial foods with rice, sweet potatoes or avocados. Soy, wheat and corn do not agree with them.

I tried what the vet recommended. Very little improvement. It occurred to me that veterinarians sell dog food. Maybe they have a vested interest.

I kept researching. I went to various sites and read the ingredients of many, many dry foods. I was very surprised at some of the ingredients in the so-called “natural” or “organic” foods. I realized that there is no FDA for animals. There doesn’t seem to be much regulation at all.

More research. There was so much on-line to sift through. No one was regulating them either. 🙂

There are several books written about the horrors of commercial dog food that, if ANY of it is true, will turn your stomach. I started tracking down those claims and had to stop myself. The goal was, after all, to simply feed my dogs.

My Grandmother made her own dog food and so did we when we lived out of the country. (They thought Americans were crazy for actually buying dog food and they turned out to be right.)

I made a lot of my childrens’ baby food. Making dog food is far easier.

I do not give the dogs raw or vegetarian food. I settled on 40% protein, 30%  vegetables/ fruits/ berries and 30% starch. My goal is for 80% of their food to be homemade-for now.

At the beginning, I fed them nothing but the homemade food. The results were amazing! They quit picking and developed healthy appetites. Bebe finally stabilized her weight. Little-Bit stopped throwing up altogether (when I stopped using brown rice and switched to white), only burps when she eats too fast and has stopped clawing at herself and chewing her paw.They have more energy and Bebe is even sleeping more deeply (abiet with one eye open).

They had check-ups about six weeks into this regime and the vet is very pleased. She said their condition was perfect. I have never, ever heard that before!

The vet had answered lots of telephone questions about various foods and convinced me to avoid avocados. She was a great help, as was our trainer (who has his pulse on “dog doings” everywhere) and other owners.

I chose a fish dry food because I like to leave dry food out when I am gone for awhile and I am not cooking fish for them-yet. I settled on Halo after an obscene number of hours of research.

I am still tweaking and will gradually add new foods- just like we did with the babies. Slowly, to avoid allergic reactions. The vet and I are still discussing tomatoes, for instance.

It is very satisfying to make the food which I do all at once and then portion out in snack sized Zip-Locks and freeze. Just like I did for the children, I try to pack as much nutrition into every bite as possible. The results are very gratifying.

And in this economy, I do not feel good about spending $30.00 for ten pounds of dog food- especially when homemade is better!

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I forgot.

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Now the New Year’s resolutions have morphed into the Lent resolutions. Oh well, life’s a journey.

Lent has always been a mindful, reflective time for me. A bit of a retreat.

I feel bereft when the holy water is removed from the church. It makes me think of “going to the desert” which I guess was the Biblical equivalent of “going to the mattresses”. It puts me in a certain frame of mind and I start thinking of the Waters of Life and why Easter, not Christmas is our most important Holy Day.

Clearly, this year I am going to have to be a little more creative than just giving up chocolate and meat on Friday.

I am putting aside my lighter reading for now and revisiting the Bible. This is a bit of a sacrifice as I am a voracious reader.

I am being serious about my Gratitude Journal. That means no more, “I’m grateful that this day is over.” (Which I still think is funny.)

I always count my blessings at night but I am putting a little sticker in my car to remind me to count them in traffic, as well.

I will try to go to the Stations of the Cross.

I will do my due diligence to make sure that my charity money is not being squandered. Here are some links to help with that:

Charity Navigator

BBB Wise Giving Alliance

American Institute of Philanthropy

I will try to find creative ways of giving that do not cost any money such as Boost.

I will try to be kinder and more thoughtful.

Lent doesn’t have to only be about depriving ourselves or giving things up.  It can also be about adding something to our lives. We could add a healthy habit, contribute to something in the community, volunteer, make a commitment that will benefit ourselves and/or others even after Easter.

We could each make a small difference where we are. Just think how it will all add up!

I think of it like throwing wildflower seeds out of the window of a car.

It will take awhile.

But soon you will see something wonderful!

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