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Let’s do something for the greater good.

This is a project we can really get the little ones involved in, as well-make it a family thing.

This last week of Lent is a good time to look at the small, green changes we have been meaning to make but never got around to.

I am investigating “vampire” energy use. Who knew? And even better-this is one I can delegate to Himself!

Another upside is that we could save ourselves money while we’re saving the world. Win-win.

Check out  10 Ways to Go Green and Save Green. You might want to sign up for their newsletters. Very thought provoking.

So let’s get started and be sure to share your clever ideas.

ADDENDUM– I used to have lots of creative ways to recycle pantyhose-stuffing throw pillows, tying up tomato plants, etc. But well, you know

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I just found a site called Busted Halo.

Their gravatar is perfect. It looks like a mix between a cross and a star.

My favorite thing is their Fast, Pray, Give  Lenten Calendar.

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Now the New Year’s resolutions have morphed into the Lent resolutions. Oh well, life’s a journey.

Lent has always been a mindful, reflective time for me. A bit of a retreat.

I feel bereft when the holy water is removed from the church. It makes me think of “going to the desert” which I guess was the Biblical equivalent of “going to the mattresses”. It puts me in a certain frame of mind and I start thinking of the Waters of Life and why Easter, not Christmas is our most important Holy Day.

Clearly, this year I am going to have to be a little more creative than just giving up chocolate and meat on Friday.

I am putting aside my lighter reading for now and revisiting the Bible. This is a bit of a sacrifice as I am a voracious reader.

I am being serious about my Gratitude Journal. That means no more, “I’m grateful that this day is over.” (Which I still think is funny.)

I always count my blessings at night but I am putting a little sticker in my car to remind me to count them in traffic, as well.

I will try to go to the Stations of the Cross.

I will do my due diligence to make sure that my charity money is not being squandered. Here are some links to help with that:

Charity Navigator

BBB Wise Giving Alliance

American Institute of Philanthropy

I will try to find creative ways of giving that do not cost any money such as Boost.

I will try to be kinder and more thoughtful.

Lent doesn’t have to only be about depriving ourselves or giving things up.  It can also be about adding something to our lives. We could add a healthy habit, contribute to something in the community, volunteer, make a commitment that will benefit ourselves and/or others even after Easter.

We could each make a small difference where we are. Just think how it will all add up!

I think of it like throwing wildflower seeds out of the window of a car.

It will take awhile.

But soon you will see something wonderful!

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Eat, drink and be merry,

For tomorrow is Lent!

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